The Elasticity-Based Approach to Enterprise Innovation

Paper from De Gruyter$002fj$002fijme.2016.49.issue-1$002fijme-2016-0004$002fijme-2016-0004.pdf/ijme-2016-0004.pdf?t:ac=j$002fijme.2016.49.issue-1$002fijme-2016-0004$002fijme-2016-0004.xml


  • enterprise innovation factors
    1. the size of the firm and its market power,
    2. the productivity of the firm’s spending on research and development (R&D),
    3. consumer preferences towards the quality and price of the goods produced by the firm,
    4. knowledge spillovers in the industry,
    5. the firm’s absorptive capacity, (6) the nature of the research conducted by the firm (fundamental or applied research),
    6. the firm’s strategy in R&D (cooperation or competition)





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