10 Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation

Article from innovation centre



  • Innovation is an imperative for all organizations, but the path to increased innovation is not always clear
  1. Communicate the innovation imperative
  2. Create an innovation strategy:
  3. Stimulate ideas
  4. Seek external relationships
  5. Identify the best opportunities
  6. Implement with speed
  7. Identify and remove barriers
  8. Incent and reward
  9. Walk the talk
  10. Monitor & measure

Implementation of the Inno-Gate approach involves three elements:

  1. The Innovation Context: An assessment of your organization’s current innovation performance and identification of barriers and constraints inhibiting innovation.
  2. The Inno-Gate Innovation Management Framework: Implementing a customized version of the Inno-Gate framework to identify, assess, select and implement valuable innovation opportunities.
  3. The Innovation Action Plan: application of best-practice techniques to reduce the barriers and constraints to innovation which exist in your organization.



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