Utility of the future A customer-led shift in the electricity sector

Five value drivers will be fundamental in the future utility market:

  1. Customers are looking to take control over their energy supply and demand – they will look to manage their energy far more effectively than they can today
  2. Power generation and networks will be transformed – the energy value chain is currently subject to disruption, and this will accelerate over the next five years – those that innovate will protect and increase their value.
  3. The role of the utility will transform into that of a service company that enables ‘energy solutions’ and in many cases ‘home solutions’ – this will require major transformation of business and operating models.
  4. Data will play a dominant role in the future energy value chain – new value will be found within the data underlying customer energy usage patterns. 5 Governments and regulators will need to reshape energy and related services markets to keep pace with customer and ‘energy enabler’ needs.



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